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Collection of student reflections on the Material Secularisms workshop


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Ideology Becomes an Addiction

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog


Affect Theory Is an Animalism (with “Becoming-Animal” by Maya Pindyck)

WTF Affect

Writing Space Interviews: Donovan Schaefer

WTF Affect

The Shared Fantasy of Redemptive Violence between ISIS and the Islamophobic Right

Religion Dispatches

Smelling the Sacred: Better (Lived) Religion through Chemistry

Religion Dispatches

Trump’s Evangelical Support in the Gut, Not the Theology

Religion Dispatches

Laying it All Out: On Moving from Dissertation to Book

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog


Did Pope Francis Just Change the Course of the Science-Religion Dialogue?

Religion Dispatches


Religion as Little Something: Kathleen Stewart’s Ordinary Affects

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Defining Postsecularism: A Response

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Partisan Science: Evolution and Creationism in Postsecular American Politics

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

The War on Christmas, Affect, and the Closet of Disbelief: Postsecular Atheisms, Part 1

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Post-Atheism and Deconstruction: Postsecular Atheisms, Part 2

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Blackfish: The Misbehavior of Compassion: Embodied Ethics, Part 2

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog


On the Muslim Question: White Atheism and Islamophobia, Part 1

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Bill Maher and the Bowl of Common Sense: White Atheism and Islamophobia, Part 2

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

I Know Exactly What That Is: White Atheism and Islamophobia, Part 3

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Casual Apocalypticism: Conspiracy Theory, Masculinity, and American Religion

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Independence Day: American Christianity and Why American Liberals Aren’t Liberal

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

An Institution Is Not a Text: Pope Francis, Affect, and Power

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

“I Like When They Stay Standing Up”: Embodied Ethics, Part 1

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Theses on Guns, Apocalypticism, and American Religion

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog


Blessed Are the Merciful: Religion, Power, and Pussy Riot

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Religion and Cartoons: Nina Paley, Durkheim, Politics

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Profile Me: The Confederate Flag, Shame, and White Male Terror

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Religion as Foreign Policy: The Russian Orthodox Church, Syria, and the Christian Community

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

A Separation: Religion, Class Secularism

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog


60-Second Lecture: Feeling Is Believing

Public lecture at University of Pennsylvania


Religious Animal Bodies: Notes on an Affect Theory of Religion

Public Zoom lecture and discussion with Prof. John Thatamanil at Union Theological Seminary


New Directions in Religion and the Science of Life

Introductory remarks to the Religion, Society, and the Science of Life conference, University of Oxford


Dad Wanted a Boy: Gender, Embodiment, and Transcendence in Gravity and 2001

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting


Using Affect Theory to Think about Islamophobia

American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting


Podcast: Knowledge, Feeling, and Belief

Interview with Charlie McCrary, Tracy Fessenden, and John Carlson for the “Recovering Truth” Podcast

Why Are There So Many Conspiracy Theories Out There?

Interview with CJAD Montreal

Q&A with Author Donovan O. Schaefer

Interview with Jessica Covil-Manset for the Duke University Press Blog

What Role Do Feelings Play in Conspiracy, Racism, and Climate Denial?

Interview with Megan Goodwin for Religion Dispatches

Cognition Feels

Interview with Omnia Magazine (Penn Arts and Sciences)

Atheists, Social Media, and American Politics

Interviewing Chris Stedman for The Revealer


Podcast: Facts vs. Feelings

Interview for Fear and Loathing in Science podcast

Podcast: Affect Theory and Religion

Interview with Brian Carwana for The Classical Ideas Podcast

Podcast: Affect Theory, Veganism, Species, and Race

Interview with Shea Watts for CreatureKind’s “Let’s Dish” podcast


Debating Religion: Science, Religion, and Reductionism

Interview with Jessica Frazier at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies


Chimpanzees: Spiritual but Not Religious?

Interview with Barbara King in The Atlantic

Is Secularism a World Religion?

Interview with Christopher Cotter for the Religious Studies Project podcast

Nature’s Weirdest Events

Television interview for Series 5, Episode 2, BBC Two

Trauma Makes You

Interview with Nathan Rein and Matthew Sheedy in the Bulletin for the Study of Religion 45(2)

Religious Affects

Interview with Sarx on religious approaches to animal welfare

In the Beginning Was Not the Word

Interview with Andrew Aghapour and Michael Schulson for Religion Dispatches

An Interview with Donovan Schaefer on Religious Affects

Interview with Christian von Scheve of the Freie Universitat Berlin’s Affective Societies Collaborative Research Centre

Religious Affects Interview Part I

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Religious Affects Interview Part II

Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

Interview with the Author: Religious Affects



Better Get to Know the Religion, Affect, and Emotion Group

Interview with Ipsita Chatterjea on the Bulletin for the Study of Religion blog

The Role of Emotion in Religion

WUNC public radio interview with John Corrigan and Sarah Ross

Science, Religion, Secularity, Emotion, and More

Podcast interview with the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge


US Passion for Guns Survives Newtown Shooting

Voice of America interview with Jerome Socolowski